Our products

At Calder Colours, we have a wide range of products to choose from!

Young Artist Products

Our Ocaldo  brand offers an extensive range of traditional, well loved and recognised products. We believe inspiration is the source of all creativity and with a sparkle of imagination, we have created products to get creativity flowing. 

After years of supplying to parents and schools with our well loved products, we have rounded up the favourites, the classics and the must have items for you.

All our paints are manufactured in our factory enabling us to offer you exceptional quality at great prices. 

Colour Blocks

Pressed tablets of colour, perfect for schools and nurseries.

A brilliant opaque watercolour, ideal for fast and tidy painting. 

Our block quality and colour range is world renowned.

Ready Mix Paint

A range of bright, water based colours with a smooth flowing consistency.

Suitable for nursery and primary ages, great for large scale displays and paintings.

We have a range of over 70 colours and sizes to suit all situations.

Powder Paint

Simply add water for your preferred consistency to create a bright, smooth flowing and economic paint.

Available in bright colours, or special fluorescent and metallic colours.

Air Hardening Clay

A popular mineral based clay which hardens on exposure to the air, so there is no need for a kiln.

Perfect for exploring textures with children and moulding using hands or tools.

Once dry, models can be painted with any paint and sealed with PVA for a shiny finish.

Ocaldo clay is well loved by UK sculptors for its fine consistency.

It comes in various colours and sizes: 1kg, 2.5kg and 12.5kg.


Our range of adhesives have several fully washable versions, great for art and craft sessions!

Our clear glue is great for toddler tissue and crepe paper projects!

While our popular washable glue has been tried and approved by customers all over the world.